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Stop Overpaying for Flights with These 3 Tips. Put your wallet down and scroll away from the booking button. Read these three tips before you book your next flight and I guarantee you will save some money. Who doesn't love cheap flights?

Stop Overpaying for Flights with These 3 Tips

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Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. - Anonymous

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You’ve heard or read those stories from friends, family members, or bloggers about their crazy cheap flights to London or their $300 flight to Japan. Stunned, you’re left wondering how they managed to score such cheap tickets. It seems that every time you start searching, you get the most expensive flight that could possibly exist. How do they do it? And, more importantly, how can you start saving on travel airfare?

Asking yourself these questions?

Follow these three travel tips to stop overpaying for flights!


Stop Overpaying for Flights - The World Notebook

Taken somewhere over the ocean on my way to London


Tip #1: Choose the Best Day to Search for Tickets

Obviously, the best day to choose a flight is Tuesday.

Please. That is so 2013. There are now thousands of articles that will say differently. Tuesday, while still a top contender, isn’t necessarily the best day to choose a flight. According to this article by Bloomberg, Thursday is now the best day to book both your domestic and international flights with savings around $20 a ticket. You won’t find extreme discounts, but if you’re looking to save a little extra money for a fancy dinner at that grand Paris hotel, booking a flight on Thursday is your best bet.



Tip #2: Use the Best Websites for Cheap Flights

Don’t go directly to the airline’s website to find flights. They are overpriced and over budget. Use websites where you are guaranteed to find a great deal. One of my favorites is Any time I want to save money on my trip, I go to their website and find flights sometimes up to $100 cheaper than other websites. It’s not always that much, but I get lucky every once in awhile. I recommend that you do your research and compare rates; don’t just rely on one site. But, if you want a reliable website to use, never lets me down.


Tip #3: Save Money with Error Fares

Error fares are pure gold for frequent travelers! Even occasional travelers can save big using this tip. What are error fares? They are reduced prices that airlines post online by mistake, caused by accidentally leaving off a zero or because of glitches in the computer system. You can find $2,500 flights accidentally posted as $250 flights. These prices obviously don’t last long, but if you find an error fare ticket and purchase it, the airline might choose to honor it since the mistake is on them. Want more information on how to find error fares? This fantastic article by Skyscanner tells you how to find and book these amazing deals.


Stop Overpaying for Flights - The World Notebook

Splurged on an awesome meal in Saudi Arabia – SO good!


Put Those Savings to Use

You are now equipped with three of the best tips to stop overpaying for flights. Whether your savings are big or small, use them to buy a meal, a new shirt, or upgrade your accommodation. If you don’t want to apply the savings to a trip, that’s extra money in your bank account. The great thing is that you’re not wasting time wondering how others save because you’re too busy planning out your next journey.

Got any tips and tricks of your own? Leave them in the comments below to spread the word on how to stop overpaying for flights. The tips can be for either domestic or international trips. Liked this article? Subscribe to my blog and unlock my resources page!

Safe Travels!


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