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Travel Bucket List: My Top 8 Must-Sees (+ Freebie)

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The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands. - Sir Richard Burton

The reason I started this blog, my journeys, and even my career is because I want to …


I want to go everywhere I possibly can before my time is up. But, because I’m not a full-time traveler, I spend quite a bit of my time fantasizing about the countries I hope to explore. I present you, my fellow wanderluster, the top eight countries on my travel bucket list!


Travel Bucket List

#1 Greece

My Travel Bucket List Greece - CC: Image via Flickr by Nick Fewings

Image Via Flickr by Nick Fewings

I absolutely love Greece! Never been there, obviously, but every time I see pictures of Greece, watch videos of it, or see the food (omg yum) I can’t wait to go! The islands are so freaking beautiful and are my main reason for wanting to go. My dream is to literally just rent my own private island and enjoy a long vacation in a gorgeous private villa from Airbnb or something, and just chill. Such. Travel. Goals. Y’all. It’s right at the top of my travel bucket list.


#2 Spain

My Travel Bucket List Spain - CC: Image via Flickr by Leshaines123

Image Via Flickr by Leshaines123

Many people assume I’m Arab, but, surprise! I’m actually Hispanic and Latina. I have family members from a couple generations back that moved to Mexico from Spain. Since I was young, my mom and I have wanted to visit Spain and learn more about our family. That’s obviously the main reason why it’s on my travel bucket list, but it’s not the only reason. Not only is Spain full of history, culture, and amazing landscapes, but it’s also home to one of the oldest restaurants in the world. Restaurante Botin is a restaurant in Madrid that I hear a lot about from other travelers. It’s apparently been open for centuries – since sometime in the 1700’s. Wouldn’t that be a unique experience?


#3 Japan

My Travel Bucket List Japan - The World Notebook

Taken by myself on a field trip in middle school while living in Okinawa, Japan.

I actually lived in Okinawa, Japan for three years during my childhood, but during that time, my family wasn’t able to afford a trip to the mainland. That means I never visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagasaki, or any of those must-see cities. For that reason, I really want to return to Japan and see the rest of this beautiful country. Japan also began launching quite a number of halal restaurants, so I’m really excited because Japanese food has to be my absolute favorite cuisine ever. Sushi, takoyaki, miso ramen – you name it and I probably tried it at some point. Aside from eating all this delicious food, one of my top travel goals is to visit Mt. Fuji. I could go on and on, but clearly, revisiting Japan is a must for me.


#4 Russia

My Travel Bucket List Russia - CC: Image via Adam Baker

Image Via Flickr by Adam Baker

Ever since I watched Anastasia as a kid, I have dreamed about visiting Russia. Silly? Perhaps, but can you blame me? Not only is the Russian accent super cool, but the architecture is stunning. I love how bold and colorful the buildings are; I feel they reflect the country’s culture and people so well. Russia is also home to Siberia. I actually absolutely hate the cold, but I would totally bear through it if I could visit Siberia in the winter (not kidding!). There’s just something so beautiful about it!




#5 Antarctica

My Travel Bucket List Antarctica - CC: Image via Flickr by Christopher.Michel

Image Via Flickr by Christopher.Michel

I know what you’re thinking – So you hate the cold, but want to visit Antarctica?

YES. My desire to visit Antarctica (and why it’s so high on my travel bucket list) comes from watching so many documentaries about it growing up. In school, we always watched movies that showed the arctic, and I loved how “untouched” it seems. There aren’t big cities or anything covering up the landscape; it’s literally just land, ice, and glaciers making up such a beautiful continent right at the bottom of our planet. Does anyone else have a burning desire to explore Antarctica or is it just me?


#6 Argentina

My Travel Bucket List Argentina - CC: Image Via Flickr by Doug Scortegagna

Image Via Flickr by Doug Scortegagna

Argentina is probably at the top of my travel bucket list for South American countries. There are such a range of places to visit there. From the Iguazu Falls, to Buenos Aires, to the stunning Glacier National Park – you can literally be at the beach one day and on a glacier the next. I hear so much about these beautiful glaciers that I would probably spend most of my time there. Mountain climbing and hiking through Argentinian glaciers? Yes, please!


#7 Iceland

My Travel Bucket List Iceland - CC: Image via Flickr by vicmontol

Image Via Flickr by vicmontol

By now, you probably don’t believe that I actually hate the cold. I promise I do, but how could you resist visiting Iceland with views like that? The Northern Lights can be viewed in a few other northern countries, but I prefer to see them in Iceland because of how clear the skies tend to be. In addition to witnessing this stunning natural phenomena, travelers can visit Iceland’s many beautiful waterfalls. The country is known for the number of waterfalls they have, and for the raw beauty of each of these falls. If you intend on going on an Iceland adventure, I hear it’s crucial to stay for longer than just a few days to really enjoy everything the country has to offer. True or not, that’s fine by me!


#8 Egypt

My Travel Bucket List Egypt - CC: Image via Flickr by Traveloscopy

Image Via Flickr by Traveloscopy

Thanks to my Egyptian friends and all the dreamy stories they tell of Egypt, my ever-deepening desire to visit this North African country has ranked it number eight on my travel bucket list. Egypt was always a must-see for me because of its rich history. Ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, but much of what they left behind can still be seen in Egypt. Not only do museums there boast ancient relics on display, but you can actually visit some of the ancient Egyptian’s largest accomplishments – the Pyramids and the Sphinx. I can’t even begin to explain how badly I wish to just see and appreciate the beauty of these ancient monuments. Aside from that, I also want to dig in to some famous Cairo Kushari.

What countries are on your travel bucket list? Do we share any of the same countries, or have you already marked these off your list? Leave your lists in the comments below!

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Safe Travels!


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